Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cecropia Moths Can be Beautiful Too

Completed Late December 2008, this piece is an experiment in nontraditional shaped quilts, there is some extensive thread painting on the body of the moth and the antennae are thread painted. The piece is machine quilted, many of the leaves are quilted in a hooked feather pattern.

Available Quilts Part 1

These small quilts are available for sale. If you want pricing or size information on any piece please contact me by e mail.

Available Quilts Part 2

This group of small quilts is also for sale, for prices or sizes please e-mail me

Monday, December 29, 2008

Aztec Sunrise

This quilt was completed in December of 2003, much of the design is reverse applique with satin stitched edges. The multicolored pieces in the sunrises are fabrics painted for that purpose. It is approximately 60 inches square, and was entered in both AQS and IQA shows in 2004.

Floating Feathers

This quilt was finished in 2004, it is lavishly machine quilted in various patterns, the feathers are appliqued and satin stitched. This quilt was submitted by Quilter's Square Quilt Store in Lexington to the national Bernina meeting and contest and won a Bernina 440 machine for me.

Fog Induced Chaos

Completed in 2007, this quilt has some organza layers that have circular designs that have been rubbed into the fabric, then quilted in as well. I heard the phrase "Fog induced chaos" on NPR radio and liked it so much I wanted to make a piece to fit the name.

Vines Aging Gracefully

Completed in 2006, this piece is inspired by the sweet potato vines that were growing rapidly outside my front door. The background fabric is sun painted using the vines for the shapes, that fabric was cut up and used in a grid with the vines appliqued over the top, satin stitched down and quilted mostly in a baptist fan pattern. I loved that the vines had very new growth which was a lime green and very old dark purple leaves with holes as well as some yellow near death leaves in the fall depicting the entire life cycle of the plant.